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Graduation is an extraordinary moment in every young woman’s life. And if you are like most girls, you desire to wear an immaculate grad dress that compliments your hair and make up for your memorable night. At Seamless Alterations, we specialize in altering your grad dress to fit you – perfectly! From accentuating your waist line, to hemming your dress the perfect length, we expertly customize evening gowns, party dresses, and even Princess gowns, so you ‘feel confident’ and ‘look amazing’ in every pic your friends and family take.

A Seamstress you can Trust

We believe it is important to find a skilled seamstress you can trust. And that is why we begin building trust with a short consultation to determine your needs. Our professional seamstresses are highly skilled at altering many types of dresses; including Princess Gowns, traditional dresses, sequins, and silk. Our intention will always be to make ‘our grads’ feel confident and amazing on their special day. Look amazing for Grad 2023!


The cost depends on the time required to alter your dress. And since each grad dress is different, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate. We recommend you book an appointment with us so we can determine your needs. It is important to note, that with the increase in discounted grad dresses purchased online from overseas, it is common for these dresses to require several alterations and often the alterations cost more than the dress.

Grad Booking

We are delighted to be considered for your graduation dress alterations. The first step in our process is to arrange a Consultation with our Master Seamstress to assist you in illuminating your desired needs, provide professional recommendations, and present you with a breakdown of your Graduation Dress/Outfit’s estimated alteration cost.

Since every graduation dress and client’s preference requires varying alterations and modifications, our rate is based on the expected time requirement to complete your alterations and is presented initially as an estimate.

Graduation Consultation Service – $35 (up to 15-minutes)

Our service provides (both of) us the time to determine your needs and build a foundation of trust between us. Our main objective will always be, to help our Grads look and feel amazing – right from your initial appointment.

Your Graduation Consultation includes:

  • A personal examination of your graduation dress/outfit with our Master Seamstress complete with professional recommendations and advice.
  • A specialized dress fitting, modelled by you, and pinned in front of our large wall mirror, to assist you in visualizing the potential appearance of your gown/outfit.
  • An itemized Estimation: At the conclusion of your consultation, we will present you with an itemized estimate to help you decide which alterations fit your plan/budget.
  • A large, accessible fitting room with a comfortable seating area for up to 3 guests.
  • Expediated Services for last minute alterations/touch ups. Note: Expediated rates are higher than our standard rates which depends on the base cost and standard service schedule.

It’s Your Choice – You decide which services you need; all of them, some of them, or none of them – your only obligation is the consultation fee.

Lastly, if your dress requires only a few alterations, such as hemming or taking in/letting out, do not worry about the cost of the consultation. If you decide to order the alterations, we will utilize the consultation to mark and prepare the alterations.

Should you wish to book a consultation, or have any questions, please submit your information on the form provided. In the message area, please inform us if your dress is a ‘princess gown’, or contains a corset backing, as these types of dresses require a longer consultation appointment (for up to 30 minutes) at a rate of $58.

We recommend you book your consultation 3-4 weeks before the day you require your dress. Please ensure you arrive for your appointment with the proper undergarments and shoes for your dress to ensure a successful consultation.

Why Choose Seamless Alterations?

  • Professional triple check guarantee for 45 days
  • Computerized Japanese machines for accurate stitches
  • On-time service and personalized experience
  • High workmanship standards and detail work
  • Repeat happy clients
  • Because we care that your outfit fits you perfectly!
  • Call 604.463.8026 to schedule your appointment 

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    Consultations are generally available during business hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We will do our best to come closest to your desired preference.