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Although everyone will be watching your bride as she walks down the aisle, she will only be watching you, making this the single most important moment in your life to look your absolute best. Otherwise, you may find your bride running in the opposite direction.

Seamless Alteration’s main focus is making you dashing by employing the finest alteration and tailoring techniques to ensure your suit fits with perfection. While a suit might be a ‘step up’ from your normal clothing, we take ‘looking good’ much further. We are experts at completely altering Men’s Formal Suits, including jackets, vests and pants so you make look great and feel comfortable.

Store bought suits rarely fit well since the clothing sizes are too generic. It may be one element or many, but our professional tailor will have your suit fitted perfectly to you and your measurements. Your wife will thank you, and now, that’s all that really matters.

A few services we provide:

  • Jacket/Coat Tailor Fitting – we can fit your suit to provide a slim fit.
  • Pant tapering and hemming – we can shorten your pant legs, and even taper them for a slimmer fit.
  • Shorten the sleeves of your jacket or shirt – arms of all length will appreciate this.
  • Take in the waist or let it out – a belt shouldn’t cause your pants to bunch up around the waist – make them fit you.

Things to know

    • When purchasing your wedding suit, always make sure the shoulders fit. Everything else is easier to alter.
    • Buy a new shirt that matches the style and fit of the suit.
    • Always bring your shoes, shirt and belt to every fitting.
    • When booking your consultation, allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks to complete. However, for those last-minute grooms, we have expedited services (at an increased rate) and can complete alterations on your schedule, even if it’s the day before your wedding. Remember – ‘Dress for success!’

'The Groom' Consultation

We are delighted you are considering us for your wedding suit alterations. The first step in our process is to arrange a Consultation with our Master Seamstress to assist you in illuminating your desired needs, provide professional recommendations, and present you with a breakdown of your most important suit’s estimated alteration costs.

Since every man’s suit and preference requires varying alterations and modifications, and our rate is based on the expected time requirement to complete your alterations, we generally begin with a consultation in order to present to you a proper estimate.

‘The Groom’ Consultation Service – $58 (up to 30-minutes)

Our service provides (both of) us the time to determine your needs and build a foundation of trust between us. Our main objective will always be, to help our Grooms appear confident and dashing- right from your initial appointment.

Your Grooms Consultation includes:

  • A Personal Examination of your wedding suit/outfit with our Master Seamstress complete with professional recommendations and advice.
  • A Specialized Suit Fitting, modelled by you, and pinned in front of our large wall mirror, to assist you in visualizing the potential appearance of your wedding suit.
  • An Itemized Estimation: At the conclusion of your consultation, we will present you with an itemized estimate to help you decide which alterations fit your plan/budget.
  • A Large, Accessible Fitting Room with a comfortable seating area for up to 3 guests.
  • Expediated Services for last minute alterations/touch ups. Note: Expediated rates are higher than our standard rates and depends on the base cost and standard service schedule.

It’s Your Choice – You decide which services you need; all of them, some of them, or none of them – your only obligation is the consultation fee.

Your consultation will ensure you stand at the alter looking your best for your new bride. And if you only need a few minor alterations, we will utilize the consultation time to mark and prepare the alterations.

Should you wish to book a consultation, or have any questions, please submit your information on the form provided. We recommend you book your consultation 2-3 weeks before your wedding day.

 Please ensure you arrive for your appointment with the proper shoes and belt for your suit.

Why Choose Seamless Alterations?

  • Professional triple check guarantee for 45 days
  • Computerized Japanese machines for accurate stitches
  • On-time service and personalized experience
  • High workmanship standards and detail work
  • Repeat happy clients
  • Because we care that your outfit fits you perfectly!
  • Call 604.463.8026 to schedule your appointment

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    Consultations are generally available during business hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We will do our best to come closest to your desired preference.